Born and raised here in South Louisiana, I am a true Cajun girl at heart! I am based in Youngsville and serve the Acadiana area. 

I have been married to my stud-muffin of a husband, Billy, for nearly 7 years and we are parents to the most adorable mutt doggies ever - Penny and Dexter! We both have huge hearts for animals and we enjoy volunteering and occasionally fostering for adoptable dogs through local animal rescues. Travel is a passion we share and we just love going to and exploring new places together as often as we can. We also enjoy turning our phones off, closing all the curtains and turning our living room into the "bat-cave" and binge-watching the heck out of some Netflix shows! #noshame

Want a few random bits about me?! I'm kind of a hippie. I have a deep love for essential oils. I love hashtags. Family time is the absolute BEST. I am a hugger. The smell and taste of coffee makes my soul happy. The beach is my happy place. I love curling up with a good book and disappearing into it. We keep a wine section stocked in the pantry, ready to share with guests. Road trips excite me. I have a great sense of direction and love to navigate. I rarely, if ever, get lost. Cute old people/couples make me cry because I get overwhelmed by their cuteness. I love to be spontaneous. At the same time, I enjoy planning trips. I am such a people person and enjoy talking. A lot. I enjoy my quiet Jesus time every morning and will ignore the world - including husband and dogs - until I am finished my prayer time, reading my devotion and drinking my coffee. I love cake. Any cake. 

And that's me! Now, to get to know you. You're captivating, and I'll show you!